The Design proces

We put emphasis on proper coordination during the whole design process. We pay close attention to communication among engineers. We apply these rules during the concept design stage , as well as hardware and software designing. This results in the highest quality documentation which in turn enables us to efficiently carry out the system implementation process. It contributes to lowering the overall instrument costs and guarantees its timely realization.

W have high-quaility, high-precision equipment to help in creating first, fully functional prototype and testing the new product. We have fully equipped rooms with all the necessary machines which is needed in design process:

Rapid PCB prototyping machine
1. Rapid prototyping machine - in short time can create PCB board of such project, fully functional, with all holes, paths and to solder any of electronic components and connectors.

We offer the production of PCB prototypes based on a suggested project. We are able to produce a single sided as well as a double sided board with metal spraying and tin-plating, without a solder
mask and without element description, on a 1.8 mm laminate. The price of every project is estimated individually. We work on a modern and highly precise LPKF ProtoMatR S62 plotter. TheLPKF ProtoMat® enables the production of single and double sided board in a very short time. It has a high quality drive with 0.01 mils resolution (0.25 micron), a milling head can move at the speed of 150 mm (6”) per second. Maximum device rotation is 62000 per minute. The plotter has a magazine for 10 tools, an automatic tool changer and drills up to 150 holes in one minute
(minimum diameter 0.15 mm). Thanks to the Z axe drive the plotter is perfectly suitable for processing
front panels and plastic and aluminium casings. It handles perfectly the task of separating the boards
after assembling subassemblies and cutting out complex shapes.

CNC milling machine

2. CNC milling machine - mechanical processing of boards, drilling and cutting elements in cases or panels.

3D printer

3. 3D printer - prototyping cases, panels and all other necessary components to verify the design before mass production of a new product.