TeleoriginVending technologies

Vending is a form of selling products without human intervention, and this is an ideal opportunity to use IoT. Our vending solutions provide sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, are operating seamlessly and are incomparable with competitors’ offers. It comes as no surprise that they have settled very well in many different sectors of sales.

Modern vending solutions

Vending technologies require advanced devices for remote monitoring and management. Teleorigin manufactures and designs a number of extensive solutions that allow for the effective management of vending machines network. The Vendometrix system integrates all kinds of telemetry terminals on the "cloud" platform. It also provides advanced features in the field of automatic machine auditing by directly streaming data to the computers and mobile devices of maintenance staff.

Vending machines are not only machines that sell specific products, but also all kinds of other machines, for instance: parking meters, ticket machines, parcel lockers, photo booths and many more. They can also be automatic cash registers, sales points, etc. The world is progressing, and modern sales technologies are becoming more and more advanced, slowly displacing traditional sales methods. Your company should be prepared for this change, and vending solutions from Teleorigin will help you to achieve this change.

We provide software designed with the aim of aiding an increase in profits from automatic sales. We give access to tools and provide technical and technological support. Get familiar with 21st century vending technology and see what else we can do for your company.