We provide innovative tools to technical and medical universities and scientific institutions, thanks to which we support the development of science and technology and we also contribute to the progress of humanity. We are proud that our systems and devices are used to create a better tomorrow.

Science is a key to the future

Within the scope of various research and development projects, we cooperate with technical universities and institutes. We implement projects regarding design and manufacture of appliances for seismic, medical research and safe data transmission in IoT networks. Our team of scientists and engineers supports researchers in solving advanced problems as part of the international program Horizon 2020 – the largest research and innovation program in Europe scheduled for the years 2014-2020.

We are also serving as subcontractors for research groups, dealing with selected technical and technological tasks. An example of such co-operation is the SafeTIME project, in which we develop modern stamping methods for time stamping data in IoT networks. Wireless data transmission has become safer and more reliable. The technology allows stamping with a time stamp even on simple IT platforms, operating with microcontrollers with significantly limited resources. Our telemetry solutions were performing for 6 years in difficult conditions in caves, where they transmitted data about seismic shocks to the main server. After years of reliable operation, the research is continuing with the use of a new generation of fiber optic rotary seismographs with a sensitivity of 2 · 10-8 rad / s / √ Hz. They register the seismic movements of the European Tectonic Plate.

While working as a subcontractor on a R&D project, we have developed an innovative camera for home diagnostics using impedance rheometry. In the future, it will allow for performing some cardiac diagnostic tests on a much larger scale at home. It is one of the first devices for home impedance rheometry in the world that transmits the test results directly to the telemedicine system. The sleep apnea diagnostic device (OSAS) developed by us allows patients to perform screening tests to detect this dangerous disease in the comfortable conditions of the patient’s own home. Before, it was possible only in hospitals or special SleepLabs. This technology has significantly reduced the cost of performing diagnostic tests.