Teleorigintime synchronization

Discover modern technology that allows perfectly precise time synchronization. NTS-Pico uses a GPS / GNSS signal and at the same time ignores interferences that could affect synchronization. Thanks to this solution, "in real time" means actually in real time, without delays that may cause errors.

They say time is relative, well… not for us!

Precise synchronization is an essential element of every ICT network. Our NTS-Pico solutions, using GPS / GNSS signals enable the easy and inexpensive synchronization of time in servers and local networks. The devices can work with larger time servers while maintaining cryptographic connection protection and data transmission. We offer both miniature Pico and Nano time servers as well as GNSS antennas. Our antenna receivers, one of the first in the world, support anti-jamming technology that allows detecting and filtering the intentional interference of GPS / GNSS signals.

Teleorigin’s devices are used in many sectors of the economy, especially in the following industries: medical, industrial and IT, in which perfect synchronization of time is of fundamental importance. Erroneous time stamps, delays or interruptions can have fatal consequences. We make all the effort we can to ensure that our devices are reliable. We are still developing this branch of technology, with the aim of preparing even better and more accurate devices.