TeleoriginInternet of things

We offer Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that rely on the long-term experience of our team in the field of industrial and medical telemetry. IoT is a new, rapidly growing area which combines the achievements of modern electronics and IT. IoT is considered revolutionary due to the universality of the technology itself, which brings improvements to many sectors of the economy.

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The company Teleorigin conducts extensive research and development in branches of IT and new technologies. We have our own hardware solutions and system software operating on cloud-type platforms. We produce a whole range of devices dedicated to IoT: from simple terminals GSM / 3G / 4G, to advanced miniature routers equipped with 4G and WiFi connectivity; from temperature recorders protecting vaccines, to advanced VPN Cloud networks that connect thousands of devices into one remotely managed system.

Internet of Things is a concept based on the assumption that data can be processed, collected and exchanged directly via the Internet. The purpose of such a structure is to create intelligent spaces, health systems, and even objects that can interconnect and exchange data. Fast transmission, high performance, reliability and wide possibilities – these are just a few of the advantages of IoT. Devices and systems designed for temperature monitoring, manufactured for our clients, operate on almost all continents. They function perfectly in the equatorial heat of the savannah in Kenya, in the forests of Malaysia, as well as in the mountainous regions of Colombia. Similar devices control the transport of food in Europe, ensuring that consumers receive healthy products. The terminals of the RB800 / 900 series work inside public transport ticket vending machines, information boards at bus stops, and also in the surveillance of industrial devices. Routers of RBMTX series allow creating advanced, VPN-protected networks that link hundreds or even thousands of different devices.