InnovativeTelemetry Systems

We are always one step ahead, setting new directions. Industrial and medical telemetry is a rapidly developing area of technology that guarantees the seamless functioning of modern medicine, science and industry. We provide access to innovative solutions and create modern IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

Discover the possibilities and advantages of telemetry systems

We offer both dedicated solutions that only serve a specific function, as well as all-in-one solutions, i.e. designing and manufacturing telemetric devices and advanced IT systems for managing these devices. Our "know-how" and long-term experience in the telemetry industry allow us to offer a truly complex service.

Innovative monitoring and analyzing systems, created by us, can be adjusted to virtually any branch of the telematics market, which relies on measurement and remote data transmission. Teleorigin systems are used all over the world, and the number of devices monitored by them can be counted in the hundreds of thousands. We are proud to be among the system producers that monitor elements closely related to life functions, as our products’ quality, and latest technologies applied in them, allows us to operate in such prestigious company.

Although we could boast that our systems have revolutionized the market, we are not taking our position for granted and we are constantly improving our devices and solutions, as well as our employees’ qualifications. Our staff is trained on an ongoing basis to keep up with technological developments and to be able to face brand new challenges. Our IoT and telemetry systems are used all around the globe in a variety of industries.

Our Teleorigin Audit & Control System (TACS) is an industrial-grade, audit, control and management system for various Teleorigin compatible devices: RB800, RB900, RBMTX and NTS-pico3. The data from the devices is stored in a powerfuland efficient cloud-based database system which ensuresspeed and reliability. TACS allows users to monitor, configure and manage a large number of remote devices in a private, secure network or Internet.

Downloat the TACS datasheet:pdf ico