RBVND-Lite 2G/LTE Cat. M1


RBVND-Lite 2G/LTE Cat. M1 is a special modem adopted to work with vending machines. Based on reliable GPRS & LTE Cat. M1 module it is an irreplaceable platform for telemetric applications in vending sector. It is dedicated for all IoT developers, platform developers and telemetry solutions providers who need remote access and centralized information about vending machines. It is possible to connect the device to most popular IoT platforms on the market.

Equipped with standard communication interfaces like Executive, MDB and master MDB it is compatible with most of machines available on market. Additionally, serial interface allows downloading audit EVA/DTS from vending machine controllers (VMC) or coin collectors.

Audits have full information about state of the machine, status of sold products, amount of money and errors that occurred during usage. Thanks to built-in motion sensor you are able to react in case machine is knocked in order to prevent any damage.

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