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Telemetry has already found a firm spot in medicine and is growing in popularity due to the possibility of transmitting examination results, making diagnoses, and even performing medical tests remotely. We are especially proud to be able to present telemetry solutions for telemedicine and to actively support the development of this technology branch.

21`st century telemetrics with teleorigin

Our company designs and implements innovative systems and equipment in the telemedicine industry. We offer a wide range of solutions in the field of cardiological, pneumological, laryngological and orthopedic diagnostics. Telemedicine devices are adjusted to work in all regions of the world. We manufacture advanced multi-day Holter monitors with event-holter functions. They ensure the secure transmission of medical data directly to the telemetry system. It isn’t necessary anymore to wait for the patient to come back to the clinic – ECG can be analyzed during the course of the examination. Whereas devices for the diagnosis of breathing disorders during sleep allow for cost-effective screening diagnostics towards OSA at home. Wireless data transmission increases the efficiency of diagnostic tests by over 90%. Another example is a specialist sensor for orthoses used in the rehabilitation of knee or elbow joints, which is supported by a mobile application. It provides the opportunity to monitor the progress of rehabilitation day by day. This reduces the time and cost of treatment, and patients may recover faster.

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Remote Medical Devices
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Patient Monitoring
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Personal Tracker
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Blood and Vaccine storage Monitoring