Telecom sectorThe potential of wireless networks

One of the most important parts of our offer are telecommunications solutions that provide access to GSM communication, extensive infrastructure, wireless networks and mobile payments. It's hard to imagine a modern and successful company nowadays without access to a fast mobile network and wireless Internet. We will give you even more than that!

Find out what the benefits are of telecom products

The access to GSM communication is becoming cheaper and cheaper nowadays, so it is reasonable to shift the focus from an analogue to a wireless telecommunication infrastructure while expanding it. Such infrastructures require a number of transmission devices (voice, data, images). Our company has been specializing for years in the production of high quality GSM wireless routers, which are characterized by their great reliability and the highest level of security. Such features allow for the use of our products, among others, in ATMs or distributed sales systems (e.g. RUCH point of sales). Teleorigin solutions are handy wherever a reliable and fast wireless network with high bandwidth is available. We provide routers for companies, devices for stores, banks and ATMs, vending solutions supporting automatic sales. We can assure you that we will find a solution that will satisfy your company’s needs.

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Wireless Computer Networks
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