Teleorigin innovations and prototypes

We specialize not only in proven solutions that we improve and implement to use, but also in prototype devices and electronic solutions, as commissioned by scientists, entrepreneurs and visionaries. We are making our contribution to the development of technologies of the future.

Innovative solutions are just about to arrive

We design advanced electronic solutions in the fields of telemetry, geophysical measurements, medicine and others, as commissioned by scientists. Often, these systems and devices are just in the testing and prototyping phases. Many of them are bound to change the future of medicine, geophysics, industry and other branches as we know them. We have developed devices for optic rotational fiber sensors with very high sensitivity, placing them in the world leadership when it comes to geophysical measurements. Whereas for the Medical University, we have designed a device for multi-point monitoring of airway pressure, which allows non-invasive diagnosis of upper respiratory tract infections. These are just a few of the examples of systems that our team of engineers, technologists, IT specialists and other specialists have contributed to. At Teleorigin, we are constantly working on new technologies and improving existing ones.

Our solution is used in additional sectors:

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Intelligent AGD devices
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Mobile Seismometer
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Mobile Gyroscope