Discover solutions for heavy engineering

Teleorigin provides modern technological and IT solutions designed specifically for heavy engineering. We know the needs of the industry and its typical challenges. Our task is to provide company owners with devices and software for monitoring production processes. But that's only a fraction of our possibilities.

Modern technologies for heavy engineering

In heavy engineering, numerous processes must be under constant surveillance. The devices are adjusted to operating in harsh conditions and perform very well in an industrial environment. Telemetry routers provide reliable connectivity and perfect time synchronization. Maintenance staff have access to information about the condition of devices and whether or not it needs any repairs on an ongoing basis. The system uses secure VPN connections, which give the possibility to access machines from anywhere in the world (within the reach of an Internet connection). Our multi-sensor system for monitoring the temperature of large surfaces (chemical and food industries) or remote, non-contact monitoring of machines and technological processes, allows for reducing the cost of downtime and ensures a higher quality of production. Find out more about the solutions for heavy engineering from Teleorigin. We are constantly working on improving performance and extending system functionality to be able to offer even better services that will help you to grow your business.

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