We are here for you to offer a prototype

We love novelty and innovation. They are the heart of our company. We create modern technologies and support engineers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Our vast skills mean we are able to prepare prototypes of devices based solely on a provided draft or merely an idea.

We make things no-one ever has made before

One of the flagship services we offer is the ability to quickly create a prototype of a ready-to-use device based solely on a draft or idea. The modern machine park in our company is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, milling machines and devices for the production of printed circuits. Such diversity enables us to offer a unique service of creating the final device (from scratch) in a very short time. We are capable of manufacturing a ready-to-use, fully functional prototype, equipped with a dedicated casing in a mere 48 hours. This is a one-of-a-kind service that only a few companies in the world have to offer. Our proposal is addressed not only at entrepreneurs investing in new devices, scientists, engineers, but also at enthusiasts and DIY fans. We are aware that many modern devices were created thanks to such people, somewhere in the back of a small garage. Maybe the real breakthrough is ahead of us and prototypes produced in our company will be its forerunners.


Your prototype, our performance

Come to us with your idea, a ready project or the concept of what you have in mind to do and we will bring it into reality. We will print a prototype on a 3D printer and breathe life into it. We can prepare it for you in just 48 hours. Do you need something more?