DesignPassionate about telemetry

Telemetry for us is not just work, but also our passion. Every day we try to come up with solutions that are ahead of their time. We create the future of telemetry with a specific vision in mind. We constantly implement cutting-edge technologies in our products, thanks to which, our devices are always up to date.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes...

Our enterprise has undergone a profound transformation over the years. We have walked the path from a company dealing with the trade of electronic components, to a Hi-Tech enterprise which designs and produces solutions sold all over the world. Our brands Teleorigin and Elproma Time are well-known on every continent and our products can be found in any industry. For years we have been building our Know-How that makes us a company which is able to accept any design challenge.


CooperateWith the finest

If you want to succeed in your business and you desire to receive the best, renowned products that meets all your expectations, then let us help you. We have many years of experience and recorded cooperation with the leaders of this industry to prove we are the right fit for that task.

Manufacturing with precision for details

The organization of the manufacturing process is never a matter of luck. We always choose our subcontractors carefully so that they perfectly match the specificity of the products, the production volume and the scheduled deadline. Our quality certificates impose very precise requirements from our subcontractors and we select only those which comply with the most stringent quality standards.


Without limitsGlobal scope

Thanks to the worldwide distribution network, our products are available on every continent.