• MiniGPSeye

    MiniGPSeye is one of the smallest GPS tracker on the market, which transmits Online24 its location data to a tracking website. This unique device is perfect for personal or business use, intended for monitoring of vehicles, machines, persons, animals and any other moving objects. With miniGPSeye you have full control over your fleet so you can generate savings and increase the efficiency of fleet and employees management. This device can operates in two modes: "Power" with continuous power supplying e.g. through the cigarette lighter socket or "Battery" using internal battery.

    MiniGPSeye have a built-in GPS module with improved accuracy, low power consumption and operate in a wide temperature range. Position data and speed are encrypted, sent to our own and stable web server and then displayed on the mapin real time or as an overview of the route during the given period in the past. You can export this data to Excel or create a graphs e.g. fuel consumption. Tracker have a built-in accelerometer, works on all cellular networks and can be optionally controlled by using SMS messages.

    miniGPSeye Datasheet